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Step 1

Set 2 alarms! For the Yin-Yang hormone panel, timing is everything. Set one alarm for 15 minutes before you plan to go to sleep. Set another alarm for 30 minutes after your morning alarm.  We have this schedule because the key to daily energy hormones is to test when the calm-down hormones are rising (right as you intend to go to sleep) and when the wake-up hormones are at their peak (30 minutes after waking).

Step 2

Plan for the tests. Prepare your tubes - place them where you will be at each of the alarm times. Place a red sticker on your toothbrush to remind yourself not to brush your teeth before providing each of the samples (you can brush immediately after).


Step 3

Perform the test. Drool until your saliva is right below the bottom of the sticker. If you have trouble creating enough saliva, open one of the lemon candies (DO NOT EAT THE CANDY UNTIL AFTER providing the sample). The smell of the candy will help create more saliva. If a bubble forms on the top of the tube, you can poke it with the provided swabs.

Step 4

Log the test. IMMEDIATELY scan the qr code and complete the short questionnaire after providing each saliva sample. The questionnaire will record the time you completed it, which we use to know when you performed the test. 


You may prepare the samples for return now or perform your second day’s test if you would like increased reliability. Make sure all samples are ready for pickup Friday morning, November 11. We recommend taking two samples (Wednesday and Thursday evenings, Thursday and Friday mornings) and they are included in our trial to ensure greatest possible reliability, but it is not necessary. To repeat for the second day, go back to step 1.


Step 5

Prepare samples for return. Add all of your samples into the plastic biohazard bag and return the bag to the original white packaging.

Step 6

Prepare for pickup. Seal the white outer package bag and place the white outer package bag on the outside of your door with a red sticker on it. If you live in an apartment, bring the sample bag to your concierge or reception staff.  We will pick up the samples Friday afternoon, November 11.

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